Tecma Toilet Won’t Flush [4 Reasons & Solutions]

What could be worse than finding out that your toilet’s flush isn’t working? It is undoubtedly the most unpleasant plumbing issue to most toilets at some point. It is not just highly inconvenient but also includes the risk of inadequate sanitation and hygiene.

Unlike other brands, if your RV has a Tecma bidet and toilet, then there is a rare chance that your Tecma toilet won’t flush. But due to any reason, if it happens, you must know what you could do in such scenarios. 

Thus, the article will provide detailed information on the top reasons for Tecma toilet flush failures and their solutions. 

Why Won’t The Tecma Toilet Flush? 

You must be wondering why the toilet stopped working all of a sudden? Or maybe there were some signs of its impending failure that you overlooked. Whatever the scenario, you would be the only person who’ll have to suffer. So, it becomes necessary for you to understand what are the reasons why your Tecma toilet won’t flush

With this knowledge, you could prepare for the problem early and avoid any case of failure beforehand. So, let us introduce you to some most common causes of this issue: 

Reason 1: Insufficient water level in the tank

Though it is an apparent reason, many forget to check whether the tank has enough water level to flush correctly.

Your Tecma toilet tank should have a water level around one inch lower than the top of the tank’s overflow tube.

In addition, if you find a low water level in the tank, check whether the water valve is on. Sometimes valves might get turned off accidentally. 

Solution: Monitor the water level

Turn on the valve if it is off and assess the water level in your Tecma toilet tank. Make sure it refills up to the suitable mark. Also, once you set everything perfectly, check whether it is flushing correctly.  

Reason 2: The pump inlet might be clogged

Another common reason why your Tecma toilet won’t flush could be a clogged toilet inlet. The severity of the clogs can range from a partial obstruction to complete blockage. Waste items, including toilet paper, wipes, etc., can cause a build-up inside the sewer lines. It reduces the speed of flushing and doesn’t clear the bowl thoroughly. This could get embarrassing for anyone who uses that toilet. 

Solution: Loosen up the clogged material

The best way to resolve this issue is to use a toilet auger or plunger. You need to use the plunger a few times to get the clogging material loosen up.

Try flushing the toilet again to see if there’s any improvement. If flushing gets better than before, use the plunger once or twice more. It will clear the blockage completely. 

In case you are using a toilet auger, follow the Tecma toilet instruction guide for the best results.

However, if both tools are unavailable at the moment, you can use hot water to loosen up mild clogs. But, make sure not to use boiling water as it might damage the toilet’s seals.

Reason 3: Low voltage

As Tecma toilets work using electricity, not enough voltage supply can be why your Tecma toilet won’t flush. The voltmeter would be required to deliver additional power to the Tecma toilet to make it function better. 

Solution: Assess voltage level and fix 

Before you call an electrician to complain about the voltage problem, you’ll need to ensure the problem is due to faulty voltage and not any other reason. To find this out, you would need to use a voltmeter.

Using the tool, check whether the voltage level is 12V or above. If reading is around this value, the reason behind why your Tecma toilet won’t flush is not due to voltage issues. But, if the voltage is below 12V, then an immediate fix would be needed.

Reason 4: Flapper not sealed correctly

Flappers of your Tecma toilet should be tightly closed with the seal. You can find the flappers at your toilet tank’s bottom.

Close them and examine whether they seal completely. In not, then it can cause problems in the flushing system. 

Solution: Examine the flapper

To examine the flappers, you would need to remove the tank’s lid. Next, check if it is appropriately sealed.

You can check it simply by listening to the water running sound from the toilet. If you hear such a sound, it indicates water is draining in the tank, and the flapper is not closed correctly. So, don’t delay and get the new flappers from any local hardware store. 

Reason 5: faulty overflow tube

An overflow tube is set up at the center of the tank of your Tecma toilet. It is designed to drain excess water into the toilet bowl to prevent the tank from overfilling. However, with time, cracks might appear on the overflow tube.

Because of this, the tank can drain water into the toilet bowl constantly. Due to this, the water level in the toilet tank gets lower, causing sluggish and slow flushing. 

Solution: Check and replace the faulty tube

If you find a faulty overflow tube is a cause why your Tecma toilet won’t flush properly, then it is time to replace the piece. You can determine the issue by spotting cracks in the overflow tube. 

Final words

We understand how irritating and inconvenient it gets when your toilet doesn’t flush. But, it is apparent that most of the issues related to why your Tecma toilet won’t flush can be fixed easily.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend much money fixing it. However, you would need to understand the reason and know the best method to fix the cause.

So, if you are facing a similar issue, check the reasons mentioned earlier and follow the provided solution. In case nothing works, you can call the professionals or get an upgrade.