Suburban RV Oven Troubleshooting [DIY Guide]

Today, most RV owners prefer the Suburban RV oven. There are many modes with various features and styles complementing any RV galley. Common elements are given a modern feel and look to deliver everyday functionality with extraordinary experiences.

However, the real hassle lies in troubleshooting the RV oven, especially when you do not know where to start. After all, the last thing you don’t want is your suburban RV Oven creating problems when you are about to cook dinner. So it is when you don’t want to go through the lengthy Suburban RV Oven Troubleshooting manual and end up sleeping on an empty stomach. 

Here we have listed a few Suburban RV oven issues behind your oven that is making it difficult to use and the troubleshooting steps for a quick fix.

Common Suburban RV Oven Issues And Troubleshooting

You need to know the right issue for the right Suburban RV Oven Troubleshooting step. Following are some of the standard RV oven issues and how you can deal with them. 

Oven Burner Not Igniting

The most common issue any RV Oven owner faces is their oven burner not igniting. Even after hearing the click on pressing the pilot light button, there is nothing. Likewise, you will not hear a click if your RV Oven stovetop does not have an igniter. However, if it staunchly refuses to light up, you can try the following before ordering a takeout.

Hold The Light Button For 15 Seconds

The first step to a Suburban RV Oven Troubleshooting for not lighting up is pressing the pilot light button for 15 seconds. Unfortunately, you might not have given it enough time to spark because of worrying about letting too much propane into the oven.

Also, if you plan to light the pilot manually with a lighter, ensure that you hold the control button longer and simultaneously hold the lighter over the pilot.

Clogged Pilot Flame Assembly

Another common reason behind not lighting the RV Oven burner is the dirt clogging the pilot flame assembly. Cooking lets debris get collected near the stovetop. Hence, it might have blocked your pilot flame assembly and not let you burn the flame.

To troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Unscrew the nut and keep all the small pieces properly so you do not fall out with it.
  2. Take a rag or sponge and clean the debris around the assembly.
  3. After cleaning the dirt, put the nuts back nice and tight, or it will lead to inconsistent flame.
  4. Try lighting the pilot and see if it worked.
  • Pump In More Propane

If none of the above work the trick, adjust your pilot flame’s size. Pushing the control will allow more propane flow to the pilot and may help light your Suburban RV Oven burner.

Pilot Light Not Staying Lit

Many people face the issue of the pilot light turning off 20 seconds after being lit, turning out the flame.

Heating the Thermocouple properly

Various reasons lead to this situation, and the first fix is to hold the button longer. It will help if you hold the pilot button 15-20 seconds more after the oven lights up. Doing so allows the Thermocouple to heat up properly before taking over.

Thermocouple Malfunction

Even after allowing the Thermocouple to heat, if the light goes out, then your Thermocouple needs a repair. The thermocouple functions as a commander and tells your controller to stop gas from flowing if your pilot light goes out.  

A defective Thermocouple may not sense that your pilot is still lit and will command the controller to shut off the gas, choking the flame. Many reasons can result in a malfunctioned thermocouple. Some of them are 

  • A broken wire in a thermocouple circuit
  • A faulty connection between the gas valve and the thermocouple because of corrosion
  • A faulty electromagnet keeps the valves closed.
  • Misaligned Thermocouple

Your pilot may not stay lit if the thermocouple wires are placed far away from the pilot flame. They will not be able to sense heat from that far and fail to send the correct signal back to the controller. Thus, make sure that the wires fall right in the middle of the pilot flame.

There might be a case when the wires are positioned right, but they do not generate the voltage they are supposed to. In such a case, your Suburban RV oven troubleshooting guide asks you to replace the Thermocouple, especially if your RV has an older oven.

Oven Not Baking Appropriately

Did you try baking in your oven, but the cookies look disastrous? There are many reasons behind this but first, ensure it is not a one-time thing before jumping to conclusions.

However, if your baked goods are consistently turning out as a failure, then you must see if your thermostat is recalibrated well enough or not.

Even an error from your end like not preheating the oven before baking, using pans of the wrong size, or incorrectly placing the rack can result in uneven baking. Take care of these small things, and maybe your baking problems will disappear.

Improper Broiling By Oven

Improper broiling is yet another issue after baking. There are many underlying causes of high smoke from the oven while broiling. The most common cause is 

  • You may have set a high temperature for broiling. 
  • You may have left excess fat on meat.

Having checked for the above causes, if your broiler still smokes, look for dirt on broiler pans and trays. If you have been avoiding cleaning them for a long time, then now is a good time to do it.

Gas Leak

A drive through a bumpy road may lead to a leak in your gas pipes. Also, the bumps and shakes may damage your gas pipe and cause gas leaks from your RV oven. 

It is one of the most common suburban RV oven troubleshooting issues, and we will help you to determine how to detect the leak location. 

Soapy solutions work the best for such tasks. However, you can use any store-bought dish liquid wash and do not require a special one. Now follow the steps below for the Suburban RV oven troubleshooting gas leak.

  • Heat a cup of water using an alternative source like a water kettle or campfire. The water need not be boiling but should be lukewarm for the right consistency.
  • Add one tablespoon of the liquid dish soap to the warm water. Please do not mix the two in equal amounts as it may result in a solid soapy solution, making it impossible to detect small leaks. Thus, a tablespoon of liquid in a cup of water is the perfect ratio.
  • Now take this soapy solution and pour on parts of the pipe where you think the leak is. Pour the solution and wait for a while. You will see bubbles forming over the region from where gas is leaking. 
  • Finally, cover all the connections from where gas might leak. If your RV is ancient and is used roughly, then there can be more than one point of the gas leak. So do not stop until you have covered all possible places of the gas leak.


An RV oven may show minor issues now and then. Hence, keep these DIY Suburban RV Oven Troubleshooting guides handy. It will save you the time of going through lengthy manuals and money. Sending it for repair should be your last resort. We have tried to cover all possible RV oven issues and their remedies. However, if there is something that needs a mention in our list, please comment below.