RV Window Seals Shrinking [Why and How to Fix]

Damaged window seals in RVs pose a big problem for the owners, considering how they are the barrier between the internal and external environment. Windows are extremely useful for controlling natural light and ventilation.

However, RV window seals shrinking might not provide a proper closure to the windows when needed. It can lead to several problems, ranging from water leakage during rains to fogged windows in winters.

This article covers the problem of window seal shrinkage and how you could deal with it. Following just some simple methods can easily help you get rid of this problem. It provides a few easy tips and tricks to avoid shrinking window seals. 

Reasons for Window Seal Shrinkage

While RV window seals shrinking are easy to spot, they might not appear to you initially. Issues with water pumps or other electronic components are recognized and dealt with easily. However, one often overlooks loose window seals and other seemingly insignificant stuff. 

A little attention and effort in this regard can go a long way. First and foremost, you must know what causes the window seals to shrink. There can be various reasons for this, and a few common ones are listed below:

1. Age

If the window seals are extremely old, then the rubber of the seals might have started to shrink considerably. Normal wear and tear are one of the biggest causes of seal shrinkage. It can make the windows lose, and you might want to consider swapping out them for new seals.

2. Sunlight

Extreme and long sunlight exposure might cause the windows’ glass panes to expand. It can put extreme pressure on the seals and damage them. 

3. Temperature

Long exposure to extremely cold temperatures causes the rubber to shrink and get brittle. Moreover, constant changes in the temperature will also cause the seal to lose its elasticity. Too much variation and you will have to change the seals more regularly.

4. Bad Quality

If the product is not made of good quality rubber, it’ll be more prone to shrinkage and damage. Always opt for a good quality window seal so the seals can last long, and you don’t have to fret over leaky windows. 

How to Fix Shrunken RV Window Seals

It is easy to fix loose windows caused by shrinking window seals in your RV. With the right tools and a simple guide, it is not a reason to worry. All that you need to do is reseal your windows properly. Below are the tools and a step-by-step guide to fixing your RV window seals.


You’d need to assemble a few tools before you can get started on fixing the RV window seals shrinking. Below is a list of necessary tools with the links from where you can procure them:

Step-by-step Procedure

Unscrew all the Screws

Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws that hold the window frame. Having another person to help you with this step and the next one is advisable. 

Loosen up the Windows

 Push the window a little from one side to loosen it up. Have the other person hold the window from the other side to avoid pushing the window onto the ground. 

Scrape the Old Seals using a Putty Knife

After successfully removing the glass pane, use a putty knife to clean all the old seals in the window apertures. 

Run a Tape around the Outside

Take the seal hybrid tapes and run them around on the outside so new seals can be placed on top of them. Since the tapes are the exact size, they are less likely to leave gaps when placing the seals. Make sure to overlap and mold the tape on the corners of the window to get optimum sealing. They also have greater temperature resistance against harsh temperatures than the window seals.

Put the Glass Pane Back

After you’ve secured the tape on the outside, put the window back up. Make sure you have another person hold the window in place as you secure it. Also, ensure that the glass is tightly placed and centered. 

Screw the Frame Back

Put back the screws to secure the frame of the window again. Do not miss any sides, as it will make the window unstable and it may get damaged due to it. 

Your damaged window seals are now changed; you must wash the window and clean it with a cloth. The loose and leaky window is now fixed, and your RV is good to go.

FAQs about RV Seals Shrinking

How long do Rv window seals last?

You might be surprised, but some great quality seals last a decade or more. Even these manufacturers provide a guarantee of 10 years. 

Can you fix these damaged window seals by yourself?

It is easy to fix the RV window seals shrinkage. All you need is a set of appropriate tools and materials. Follow the steps given above if you want to fix your seals.

Is a shrunken window seal a big problem?

It may not be disastrous, but damaged window seals still pose many problems. Your experience in your RV will be better if you invest in proper window seals.

How costly is it to repair a broken window seal?

On average, it can cost you $80-$130 to get a broken window seal repaired.

Is it possible to use silicone instead of window putty?

Yes, it is. Silicone might be a better option since it cures faster than glazing putty.


Shrinking window seals can cause quite some problems in your RV. It is advisable always to have proper seals to avoid drafts, water leakage, and fogged-up windows. While these seals have a long life, several factors might cause damage to the window seals.

However, it is easy to fix this problem with the proper tools and instructions. You must not overlook or delay fixing your RV window seals shrinking. Completely sealed windows make for the optimum RV experience.