3 Reasons For RV Water Heater DSI Fault Lights Being On

Are you feeling cold and want to have a hot water bath? But your water heater is broken, which is causing your cold bath. You may also confirm this by looking for the DSI fault light.

The DSI fault light will turn on when something goes wrong with the water heater. That’s a red flag that something went wrong, and you need to solve it.

Now comes the big question: why is the RV water heater DSI fault light on?

Well, there might be various causes for this. But don’t worry; we’ll help you through every concern. Furthermore, we will not leave you there with problems.

Along with mentioning the problems, we will also walk you through the process of resolving the issue. You have to be patient and give us time to explain everything.

RV Water Heater DSI Fault Light On: Reasons And Solutions

Think you went to your RV’s bathroom to take a nice, bubbly bath. However, when you entered the tub, you discovered the water was cold.

You noticed that you turned on the water heater. Despite this, the water did not warm up. So you decide to inspect your RV’s water heater panel.

That’s when you discover the RV water heater DSI fault light blinking. Yes, that is the light that indicates there is a problem with the water heater.

There might be various reasons why the LED is beeping.

And now we will go through all of these reasons. In addition, we will inform you about their remedies to make your life a little easier. So are you ready? Let’s start.

Reason 1: No Spark Near The Igniter

The first thing to look for is a spark near the igniter. This is generally the primary cause for illuminating the RV water heater DSI fault light.

To execute this, proceed to the hot water tank located outside the RV. There, you must locate the ignitor. It appears to be a little device, so it should be easy to identify. Get somebody to turn the water tank on from the inside when you’ve found it.

Then you can determine whether or not there is a spark. If you don’t see any sparks, congrats, you’ve found the problem.

Solution: Change The Igniter

Once you’ve identified the issue, you must take action to resolve it. And because your problem is with the igniter, it’s most likely that it was damaged somehow.

It might have happened as a result of overheating or external damage. If you’re unsure if it’s repairable or not, it’s best to see an expert.

However, if the igniter is beyond repair, it must be replaced. You can resolve this in this way, and the DSI fault light will turn off.

However, if that does not address the problem, the problem may be elsewhere.

Rheem Ignitor and Bracket

Reason 2: No Gas In The Tank

Another source of the DSI fault light flashing is gas. Yes, it’s a pretty silly thing, but you probably forgot to fill the tank with petrol.

That is why it cannot switch on and heat the water for you. And because it has no other method of notifying you of this, it displays it by turning on the DSI fault lights.

You may take action to fix the problem now that you’ve identified it.

Solution: Fill Up The Tank With Gas

Don’t worry; the remedy is relatively straightforward in this circumstance. All you need to do is put some gas in the heater.

When the gas meter is full, your water heater will restart. Furthermore, the RV water heater DSI fault light will turn off itself.

Reason 3: A Fault In The Circuit Board

If there is a spark near the igniter and the tank is full, the circuit board can be the source of the problem. And this is usually the primary reason the RV water heater DSI fault light is on.

But, before you tamper with the circuit board, make sure you read both reasons 1 and 2. Because working with the circuit board is difficult.

And you certainly don’t want to enter this business until you’re positive that the problem is here. However, you must take corrective action if the primary concern is with the circuit board.

How can the circuit board problem be resolved? Continue reading to find out the solution.

Solution: Take Out The Circuit Board And Have It Replaced

Once you’ve determined that the circuit board is the source of the problem, you must remove it and get it replaced. So, how can you get rid of it?

First, you must disconnect the wire that runs down the igniter. You can do this easily. A simple tuck will do. Then you must unplug the two connections.

A screwdriver is required for this. A few turns of the screwdriver will suffice.

Klein Tools Multibit Screwdriver

Following that, you must remove the two screws on both ends of the circuit board. However, a quarter-inch nut driver is required for this. And with that, the circuit board will come right off.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a DSI fault mean on a water heater?

The DSI error may indicate that the gas did not ignite upon startup.

What does DSI mean on an RV water heater?

Direct spark ignition is abbreviated as DSI. DSI indicates that the water heater may be turned on automatically via a switch within the RV.

To Sum Up

That’s it from our side. You now know why your RV water heater DSI fault light is blinking. We hope this information benefited you in identifying the issue you were experiencing.

And after you’ve identified the issue, you’ll be able to address it. So, best of luck in your war against water heaters.

We’re pulling for you. Cheers! Let us know of any queries or comments.