What’s The Right RV Water Heater Drain Plug Size?

All the parts of an RV water heater drain need to have the correct size. The important part of the heater drain is a plug. Hence, the plug should fit well so that it can stop water leakage. But every brand manufactures different RV water heater drain plug size that may not match your heater drain.  

There may be small differences in the sizes. However, it matters a lot. For example, a Suburban drain plug size is around 15/16ths of an inch. At the same time, plugs of other brands have only ¾ thread size. So, make sure you know the brand name and model number while searching for an appropriate plug size. 

For better insights on this topic, read this article till the end. Here you will explore the problems related to selecting the right size of RV plug.

How To Determine Actual RV Water Drain Plug Size?

In this section, we will clear your concepts regarding the actual RV water heater drain plug size you will need. 

The wrench for the plug should be between 7/8″ and 15/16″. You may replace your old plug with these. However, before you start the procedure, make sure you have measured the size of the plug. 

In addition, you have to buy a drain plug kit for the replacement of the old plug. It consists of a drain plug, prongs, a 1-inch plug, and one roll of PTFE tape. The prong in the kit helps you rotate rusted drain valves with petcock drains. On the other hand, PTFE tape prevents water leakage after installing the plug.

If you are worried about replacing the old plug, don’t forget you have other options too. One of them is reusing the old plugs. But it might be bad as they wear and tear as time passes. 

A plug is not very expensive. The price of a drain plug is between 3 to 5 dollars. You can save your water heater from getting drenched with a few bucks.

How To Place The New Plug In The Drain?

After measuring the exact RV water heater drain plug size, now you’ll have to set it in the drain. Here’s a step-to-step guide for beginners who want to deal with the plug at home. 

Preparation Before Installation 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is collect all the essential tools required for installation. Here we have listed these tools for your convenience. 

List Of Essential Tools

  • a 15/16″ socket
  • and a ratchet wrench that can fit the 15/16″ socket easily. 
  • 1/2″ drive
  • an extension of 5-10″ length. It should be in the same drive size.

Once you have collected all these tools, take a bucket and position it under the water drain. That’s because there will be water leakage. It may rush out of the water heater drain with high force. 

Now your preparation is complete. You can proceed to the required steps.

Step 1- Remove The Old Plug

Firstly, remove the old plug from the drain. You will have to replace it with a high-quality drain plug. For this, take a wrench. Pull the old plug with the help of the open end of the wrench. 

Once the plug is removed from the heater, water will be splurging out till you place the new plug in it. So, you have to be quick with the other steps. Now, let’s head on to the next step that requires placing a new plug in the socket. 

Step 2- Place The New Plug In The Drain

After knowing the RV water heater drain plug size, tackle the overflowing water with a new plug. You can buy a new drain plug by taking the old plug to the local store and showing its size to the store owner. 

Hold the new plug near the opening of the drain. Next, insert it into the opening with a high intensity of force—this time, you have to increase your power so that it is close to the hole. 

Step 3- Use A Wrench And Tighten The Plug

After inserting the new plug, twist it until the water stops dripping from the hole. Here you have to use a wrench. Tighten the plug and close the hole completely. 

However, you may also break the plug if you apply high pressure. Note that if water is still leaking from the drain, you’ll have to place the plug in the appropriate position. 

Step 4- Wrap The Plug With Extension Tape

Ensure that water is not dripping. This can be done by sealing the plug with an extension tape. It prevents water leakage at some point. So, tie extension tape around the plug. It should make at least three to four layers.

The tape should be of great quality as it has a crucial role in avoiding major issues related to water leakage. Plumbers or Teflon tape wrap up tightly around the threads of the drain plug. You can insert two fingers to ensure the tape is tightly covering your plug. 

Step 5- Refill The Water Heater Of Drain

In the end, refill the water heater. That’s because the heater is out of the water as it leaked during installation. Also, check the plug whether it’s leaking or not. When everything seems good, switch on the heater and set it at full temperature. 

If water is leaking from the plug, remove it completely from the drain. Next, use more tape and wrap it around tightly. Make sure you don’t over-tighten it as the tape may break the plug’s thread. 

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, now you know how to determine the RV water heater drain plug size and install it. With the essential tools and steps mentioned above, you will not face any issues regarding the installation of a plug in the drain. Additionally, ensure the new plug is not of low plastic quality. 

Leave a comment below if you have trouble replacing the old plug off the drain. Indeed, we have great tips that can be helpful to you.