RV Slide Out Switch Problems [Troubleshooting Guide]

Recreational vehicles (RVs), sometimes known as motorhomes, are among the finest inventions for campers. 

These automobiles make you feel like you are traveling in your home. It is because you are given a kitchen, bathroom, and even a bedroom. The storage in these trucks eliminates the need to store restricted equipment.

RV slide-outs provide us with more living space. But they also have their own set of technical concerns and maintenance requirements. 

And being able to deal with such difficulties is critical. Otherwise, you might have to go to the 

repair shop instead of camping.

One example is the RV slide-out switch problems. What should you do if the switch is broken or does not appear to be working? You may learn more about it by reading this article.

This post will show you how to troubleshoot any RV slide-out switch problems. So, let’s get started.

Primary Checking

Before you leap to conclusions and consider the worst-case situations, you should consider a few things. Checking these may appear absurd, yet these scenarios are completely actual and straightforward to resolve.

Charged Batteries

You’re attempting to stretch or fold your slide-outs by pressing the slide-out switch. But they take a hard line. In that situation, before presuming that the switch is faulty, ensure that your batteries are adequately charged.

Your slide-outs will not move if your RV lacks power!

Slide Obstructions

If you press the slide-out button and nothing happens, double-check that the slide-out route is not blocked. You can find a simple repair for a jammed slide-out. So verify before disassembling your switchboard and looking for RV slide-out switch problems.

If something gets trapped in the motor, you will hear it struggle. So, keep an ear out for strange sounds as well!

Damage To The Rail System

You should also check the rail system before evaluating the slide-out switch. The damaged rail system may cause problems with slide-out movement. The slide-out drive mechanism may malfunction if the rail becomes bent or twisted.

So, after evaluating the slide-out system for foreign items, inspect the rail system.

Insufficient Lubrication

The slide-out system has several moving components. You must lubricate these components regularly. If you don’t maintain the slide-out mechanism greased, it will break down sooner or later.

If you catch a lubrication problem early on, you could avoid dealing with the wiring, etc.

Motor Overload

Motor overload is frequently caused by drag in the slide-out. It happens because of unwelcomed items as well as twisted or otherwise broken rails.

When confronted with such friction, the motor is pressured to draw excessive current, which might harm the motor.

RV Slide Out Switch Problems Troubleshooting

Now that we’ve completed the preliminary checks, let’s get down to the actual work and try to solve the RV slide-out switch problems.

To begin, you must determine if your slides are mechanical or hydraulic. You can find out by looking in your owner’s handbook, or you may phone the service department if you’re unsure.

Once you’ve determined that, it’s time to begin troubleshooting.

Mechanical Slide Outs

  • First, check all of the fuses to determine if any have blown. Additionally, look for any disconnected or loose wiring.
  • Check that the batteries are fully charged. Also, if feasible, connect your RV to shore power. Check for the disconnect switch if the battery isn’t the problem. It will determine whether or not the problem is with the batteries.
  • Check the shear pins of the motor. Check if you press the slide-outs button and hear the motor operating, but the slides do not move. There is a possibility that one or both of the shear pins are broken.
  • If these tests fail, the control board may be defective. You must take it to a repair shop if this is the case.

Hydraulic Slide Outs

  • First and foremost, inspect the hydraulic hoses for leakage. Also, check the pump pressure to ensure adequate pressure to move the slides.
  • Then, ensure that the hydraulic valve is operational. If it isn’t, fluid may not be able to go where it has to go.
  • Check the hydraulic pump as well. If you hear a strange noise when attempting to extend the slides, it might be the pump attempting to operate.

RV Slide Out Switch Problems Repairing

The next step is replacing the switch to fix the RV slide-out switch problems. So, let us see how it goes.

When you open the switch panel, you’ll be able to check if there’s anything wrong with the board. Some of the things you could notice include:

  • The cables leading to the slide-out switch are too short
  • The switch itself is broken
  • The mounting tab is broken

If you observe something similar to the above, you might try the following.

However, before you begin, we would like to point you that we do not advocate this step if you are unfamiliar with electronics. And in that case, we recommend that you visit a technician.

However, if you must accomplish it on your own, you will require some tools.

Tools Need for the Repair

  • A replacement switch
  • Lugs
  • Connectors
  • Jumper wires

Let us now begin the repair process.

 Repairing Process

  1. To begin, gently open the switchboard.
  2. After that, take off the existing switch, lugs, and connections.
  3. Then, using a sharpie, mark three jumper wires (1, 2, 3).
  4. Connect the jumper wires to the new switch next.
  5. After that, tie all of the wires together with an electrical wire.
  6. Finally, close the panel, and you’re good to go.

And that is how you fix RV slide-out switch problems.


Following these steps, you may determine the source of your RV slide-out switch problems. And hopefully, you’ll be able to solve them.

Have you ever had problems with your slide-outs? How did you repair them? Leave a comment to share your experiences or to let us know if you have any other suggestions!

Have a safe journey!