How To Do RV Slide Out Height Adjustment? [Explained]

In most RVs, the slide-out process is simple. You’ll only have to turn a switch, and everything will be OK, won’t it? However, there are other aspects to consider when using an RV slide-out.

Height adjustment is one of the essential factors when employing slide-outs in an RV. And no one wants their sides to be misaligned.

So, how should you modify the height of an RV slide-out?

Don’t worry; it’s not that difficult. This article contains step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to modify the height. Furthermore, we’ll show you what equipment you need to complete the operation.

Furthermore, the FAQ section at the conclusion will clarify most of your questions concerning RV Slide Out height adjustment. So let’s start! 

RV Slideouts Height Adjustment Process

Slide-outs increase the width of an RV. As if that weren’t enough, they occupy a lot of room in their surroundings. However, you must also consider the height of the slide-outs. So, before you deploy the slide-outs, you should be aware of their height and breadth. 

The tricks we are going to show you will not be much hard. You can do them on your own.

So, how should you do RV Slide Out height adjustment? Let’s find out.


The tools you’ll need for the procedure are easily available and affordable. You may readily manage them from local shops or online without spending much money. Let’s have a look at the necessary tools:

After you’re done managing the tools for the procedure, look at the step-step process for RV Slide Out height adjustment: 

Step 1: Measure The Slide Out

To begin, take the measurement tape outdoors and measure the slide-outs. Next, measure the gap that the slide-out creates. To better understand, you must measure both sides of the Slide Out.

After that, extend the Slide Out and take another measurement. Also, write down the measurements on a piece of paper. 

Step 2: Check That Both Sides Of The Slide-Out Are Equal

Checking both sides of the Slide Out using measuring tapes will give you an accurate estimate. As a result, you’ll be able to see if one side is extending more than the other. 

In other words, you may know if the sides are mismatched. Even the most minor and unseen components might create future problems such as damaged or leaking slide-out.

As a result, ensure that both sides are the same length when extended. 

Step 3: Loosen The Jam Nut

After measuring, use a wrench to release the jam nuts on the Slide Out’s Active side. However, ensure the bolts remain in place and are not removed. 

Step 4: Repeat The Procedure Until You’ve Successfully Adjusted It

After repeating the loosening and tightening, push the slide-out. Also, lowering it ensures you’re obtaining the desired height. You’ll have to loosen and tighten the jam nut every time you alter the height. 

Step 5: Make Sure The Locking Nut Is Intact

When you loosen the jam nut and deploy the Slide out, the locking nut should not move. So make sure it’s tight and don’t unintentionally loosen it. 

Step 6: Enjoy

Completing the preceding steps will be sufficient for RV Slide Out height adjustment. You’ve now modified the height of the Slide Out. As a result, no side will be on a slope, and both sides will be evenly leveled.

To finish, pull out your measuring tape and take another look. 

Problems With Misaligned Slide Outs

You should be familiar with the height adjustment procedure in your RV by now. But why are you adjusting?

The misalignment problem in an RV is critical. You may not see it initially, but it can create many issues. Consider the following:

  • If you do not do RV Slide Out height adjustment, moisture might penetrate the slide-out. 
  • You will not achieve a leveled floor in your RV until you extend it.
  • The misalignment can cause a gap in the RV. This will eventually lead to the same situation as with diminishing window seals.
  • Water can also get inside your RV. 

FAQs – RV Slide Out Height Adjustment

Are RV Slide-Out Supports Necessary?

Yes, RV Slide Outs will take the weight of the amenities inside the RV. They will also bear the weight of the individuals that live there.

Can I have the Slide Out open all the time?

No, you should not keep the Slide Out open at all times. The Slide Out takes up a lot of room and should only be used while you’re parked.

Should you keep your RV with the slides in or out?

Keep the slide-outs closed while storing in the winter. As a result, it will prevent the Slide Out’s elements from cracking.

Can you level the RV with the Slide-outs?

Answer: Yes, you can level the RV with the slide-outs.

Do RV Slides leak?

If RV slides are misaligned, the gaskets reduce. Hence, it can leak. 


That’s all from our side. Hopefully, this post has taught you how to do the RV Slide Out height adjustment.

Even though it may appear straightforward, park your RV before using the slide-outs. You’ll know whether you’ll strike a table or a barbecue grill by mistake if you do not park it properly. Also, you should not use these slide-outs on a highway because they take up extra width.

Aside from that, the post will serve as a comprehensive guide on adjusting the height of the slide-outs. This is a simple procedure that does not require the services of a specialist. However, if you are uncomfortable, you may always seek assistance.

But first, why not give it a shot on your own? Good luck with camping.