RV Holding Tank Monitor Panel Not Working [Problems & Solutions]

If your RV holding tank is not working, you have come to the right place to know all the possible fixes. A Monitor panel determines the quantity of fresh water in the tank. However, there are times when it doesn’t work correctly. You would never know when your tank is full in such a situation. 

Apart from this, the level of fresh water might be low. But you won’t be able to check it without a monitor panel. There are plenty of reasons behind the RV holding tank monitor panel not working. 

Some of them are problems with tank sensors and fuses. There are other causes apart from this. We have listed all of them and the solutions that can fix the monitor panel. So, let’s get started. 

Solutions For Improper Working Of RV Holding Tank Monitor Panel 

Newer RVs come up with high-quality monitor panels. However, you may face significant issues with the monitor panel after prolonged use of these tanks. Here’s a guide about the solutions to your monitor panel’s everyday problems. 

Problem 1- Blown Fuse Of The Panel

Many times you will find a blown fuse in the monitor panel. It is due to damaged or loosened wire in the system. The problem in the wire can be tested with the help of a multimeter. Just connect the positive lead of this device to the positive terminal on the wire. 

Next, connect the negative lead to the negative terminal of the wire. Turn on the device to check the reading. For this, you will need an ohmmeter. If the reading on the device is 0, wires are fine. If the reading shown is not 0, you’ll have to replace the wire. 

Solution: Replace The Wire

Firstly, gather all the essential tools required for replacing a wire. Take a pair of wire cutters to cut the wire from the network. Next, strip the insulation from the ends of the new wire with the help of the wire stripper. Lastly, solder the new wire with the soldering iron. 

Problem 2- Voltage Supply Issue

If the B+ wire is fully damaged, you must do some tests. Separate this wire from the other wires. You can quickly identify it as a red-colored wire. If it is in the correct position, don’t forget to check if it’s connected to the 12 VDC.

In addition, don’t forget to see whether the ground wire is connected or not. It’s white in color and directly goes into the panel. So, fix this problem if you see anything wrong with all the wires. 

Solution- Fix The Wire And The Voltage Supply Issue

Place the wires in their perfect locations. Next, connect the B+ wire to the 12 VDC. Also, don’t forget to check the voltage supply. You can take the help of a voltmeter to measure the voltage. Correct the voltage by making the right connections in the monitor panel. 

Problem 3- Spotting “E” On 1 Or 2 Tanks

Another problem behind the RV holding tank monitor panel not working is the appearance of an E sign on the monitor. It occurs in a few tanks due to wiring problems. 

The freshwater tank wire should be connected to the greywater panel. Here’s what you need to do to solve this problem. 

Solution- Switch The Wires Or The Circuit Board

You have to switch the wires to remove the annoying “E” sign off the monitor panel. Place the correct wire in the panel. Generally, freshwater wire is placed in the freshwater panel and grey into the grey panel. 

After keeping the wires in the correct position, you must reset the tank. If the tank still malfunctions, switch the printed circuit board.

Problem 4- “F” Sign Visible On RV Holding Tank

If the monitor shows an “F” signal, it’s another sign that tells you that the wires are messed up. They must have formed a dense network by tangling into one another. It needs an urgent fix. Otherwise, your tank may get seriously damaged. It will keep showing the “F” sign.

Solution- Switch the wires or the circuit board

The solution to this problem is similar to correcting the “E” signal. Again, it would be best if you observed the positioning of the wires and their connections. Restart the tank once you’ve noticed everything in the monitor panel.

By now, the tank must have stopped the “F” sign. In case, replace the whole circuit board if it’s still present. 

Problem 5- Incorrect Reading On The Monitor Panels

If the reading on your monitor panel is wrong, there is a problem with probe placement. Empty the water tank to check the reading on the monitor panel. If the monitor shows that your water tank is ⅓ or ⅔ filled, it might be giving the wrong message. That’s because you have already emptied the tank. 

Solution- Reinstall The Probes And Reset The Tank

Empty the tank if the monitor is showing a false reading. Also, place the probe in its original position. At last, reset the RV holding tank. You won’t complain about the RV holding tank monitor panel not working after this

Problem 6 – Bad Tank Sensor

A sensor, when exposed to dirt, becomes faulty. It’s a common problem and a reason for the RV holding tank monitor panel not working properly. The sensor is responsible for wrong readings. 

Solution – Replace The Monitor Panel

Step one is to clean the tank sensor. If it is still malfunctioning, change it. Sometimes replacing the monitor panel can be the best option to eliminate the recurrent problems occurring in the sensor. 

Wrapping Up

The above guide for RV holding tank monitor panel not working can help you get fresh water in normal quantities. We have covered all the essential tricks that would work in the best way possible. These simple solutions will avoid situations like replacing the whole monitor panel. 

Don’t worry if you are unable to repair your monitor panel. You can comment about your problems. Hopefully, we will try to give you the right tips for each.