Propane Tank Valve Stem Leaking – 3 Common Reasons

Having an RV to travel around is fun. But keeping it in proper shape needs pepper care and maintenance of every part, including the propane tank. Sometimes propane tank valve stem leaking can even lead to accidents. 

But how do you know if your propane tank valve stem is leaking? 

In the most common situation, you will find a strong odor or hear a hissing sound that will signal the propane tank valve stem leaking. But do not worry, there are some common causes of such leakage.

To start with, you would need to check the leak’s propane tank. It can be an open Bleeder valve or a relief valve. Sometimes, there can be damage due to the accident or wear and tear causing the leak. 

But that’s not it; there is more. So, read through the article and find all the common causes of the leak.

Propane Tank Leaks

Before we start with the common causes of the propane tank valve stem leaking, let us find out what exactly is a propane tank. 

Propane tanks are cylinders that store propane fuel for the purpose of heating and cooking. Handling them with dire care is very important as mishandling can cause severe damage. Additionally, leaks are pretty common when there is damage, so one should keep an eye for damage to repair the leak quickly.

Fixing the damage at the earliest will avoid the potential damage that might occur. But how can you find the leak? Let us find it in the section below.

Check For Leak In-Tank Valve

The first indication of the propane tank valve stem leaking is the foul burning smell or the hissing noise of the gas leak. Once you have identified the leak, it is essential to repair it. 

Below are the steps you will be required to follow:

Step 1: Turn off the supply valve immediately as you smell the gas or hear the hissing sound.

Step 2: Create a mixture of 1 cup of liquid soap and 1 cup of warm water. Spray the appropriate amount of this mixture on the valve and gauge of the tank using a spray bottle.

Step 3: Now, it’s time for you to look for signs of leakage. See if there are any bubbles where you sprayed the solution. Smaller bubbles indicate small leaks, while large bubbles indicate pretty big leaks. 

If the leak is significant, take prompt action to avoid any damage.

Causes Of Leaks- 3 Common Issues

There are some common reasons for leaking the propane tank valve stem. Once you know, there is a leak, finding the cause will be much easier. So, here are common causes to know:

Cause 1 of 3: Open Bleeder Valve

The first common cause of the leak is the open bleeder valve. This is also called the fixed level gauge. It is common when you are filling the tank with propane. If the bleeder valve is left open after filling, you might find the leak. 

Additionally, if there is clogging around the coil due to debris, the valve with not close correctly, causing the leak. This is common when the tank is overflowing with propane.


The solution for this is quite simple. Remember to clause the bleeder valve properly and tightly post filling the tank with propane. Also, if there is any clogging, make sure to get it cleaned up.

With these simple steps, your tank will not leak anymore and will be as good as new. 

Cause 2 of 3: Open Relief Valve

The next cause of the leak is linked to the relief valve. Now, this is the part that is designed to release the pressure of the tank. During hot and humid climates, the propane tank experiences pressure. You can open the relief valve and remove the excess pressure.

But when the relief valve is opened, there are chances that the propane will also start to leak. The danger increases when the entire valve is opened, causing high leaks and damage.


The first solution that might come to mind for this cause is to avoid touching the relief valve. That is quite simple, right! The valve is designed to operate independently and will open with excess pressure. 

But if you have opened the valve on your own, you will be required to fix it. First, let the tank cool down. You can also spray water on it to help it cool down. Once it’s cool, it will slowly close, and the leak will sustain.

Cause 3 of 3: Faulty Valve Stem

There are chances that the entire valve stem system is faulty, causing the leak. This is the reason for the propane tank valve stem leaking. This is a dire situation that needs immediate attention and response. So, follow the solution here.


If you find a leak in the valve stem, you will need your repair kit first. Additionally, it’s time to replace the entire tank valve stem to solve the problem. 

The main things you will need to repair the faulty valve stem are as follows:

  • New valve
  • Heat gun
  • Pipe wrench.

Start with ensuring that there is no propane in the cylinder before replacing it. Now, close the valve by turning off the handle and rotating it clockwise. 

With the help of the heat gun, soften the welding between the gas valve and the cylinder. Open the tank nozzle to allow the regulator to absorb normal atmospheric pressure. Ensure to hold the tank stool to avoid damage. 

It’s time to remove the valve from the tank with the help of the pipe wrench. Discard the damaged valve properly.

Now, take the new valve to add to the tank. Ensure an overfilling prevention device (OPD) within the valve. The valve can be attached by threading it to the cylinder’s bung. Now use a pipe wrench to tighten the connection.

Some of the finest OPD valves that you can select are –

OPD Valve Option 1WADEO Upgraded Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator
OPD Valve Option 2GasSaf Propane Tank Gas Gauge Leak Detector.

With this, you have your propane tank ready for use.


Can A Leaking Propane Tank Explode?

Yes, if the leak is not taken care of in time, there are chances of an explosion. The propane tank valve stem leaking when ignited can cause severe damage. 

Should I Exchange Propane Tanks Or Refill It?

Both choices are available, but refilling is better. It is cost-friendly and quite time-savvy. Replacing the propane tank can cause hassle.

Is A Small Amount Of Leak In A Propane Tank Dangerous?

When there is a small leak in the propane tank, it is not considered dangerous. But when a leak increases, the chances of damage or accident are relatively high. Additionally, it can even lead to hypoxia and carbon monoxide positioning. 


When left unattended, propane tank valve stem leaking can cause serve damage or accident. It can also cause negative health effects, so it is essential to resolve it soon. 

Knowing the primary causes and their simple solutions can help a great deal.

We hope this has helped you with the solutions. Let us know if you have any queries in the comment section.

Have a good day!