HWH Air Levelling System Troubleshooting [Practical Guide]

Picture this: It’s a vibrant, sunny day outside. Your RV is set up for a long day of road tripping ahead. Just as you press the power button to fire the bad boy up, the air leveling system decides not to work!

We’re sorry about how the scenario ends, but this really is a common problem. The air leveling system in your RV plays a role in regulating balance in the vehicle. Without the balance, it’s not safe to be out on the road in your RV.

It is dangerous to neglect this as it may put your safety and the rest of the passengers’ safety at high risk. The first step to fixing this issue is troubleshooting the HWH air leveling system.

The issue is probably that you’ve pressed the air button just once to turn the system on. It could also be because you started the RV before pressing the storage button.

In either of these cases, we recommend you push the mentioned button for 10 seconds. After 2 minutes, you can try starting again.

Another problem is that the parts in your leveling unit aren’t functioning. In this case, it is best to replace the springs.

We don’t want your outing plans to fall through because of the air leveling system, which is why we’ve created this post!

Please continue reading to understand some of these problems and specific solutions.

HWH Air Levelling System Troubleshooting: Problems with solutions!

Please don’t be disheartened if your air leveling system is not acting right. You are bound to face some issues with this machinery or systems. To make your life a little easier, we’ve listed specific problems with a solution for each!

Control Panel Problems

This is the most common problem people face regarding their HWH air leveling system troubleshooting.

Based on your knowledge, it is safe to assume you know your way around the control panel. Control panels can function in both automatic and manual settings.

A complaint of RVers we are most familiar with is that the control panel is difficult to operate in the automatic mode.

Your first instinct is to doubt the manufacturing quality, but this may not always be the case.

There is a high chance that the issue is associated with how you turn the system on or operate it. There’s no need to fret because we’ve got a solution for you right below! 


Let’s begin by quickly getting reacquainted with the control panel:

  • The air button is on the top left corner of the panel.
  • Your RV’s diagram is on the right side of the panel.
  • The small yellow lights are present on either side of the RV diagram.

The yellow lights come alive if your RV sides are at unequal levels. To fix this, please follow the steps we’ve mentioned below:

  1. First, push the ‘on’ button for 10 seconds.
  2. Next, ensure that the yellow lights are turned on. If they haven’t, please wait till they do.
  3. Once you see the yellow lights, find the air button, and push it twice. Your system is now activated.
  4. After pushing the air button, you’ll hear air flowing. The sound stops once your vehicle is in balance.

This whole process takes about a minute or two. By the end, the yellow and red lights would also have gone off. It indicates your RV is now leveled. This is the process to follow when leveling your RV on non-travel mode.

It is essential to remember that the operation varies depending on whether your RV is in travel mode or not.

Since the manual shows instructions for both, people tend to mistake using them as alternatives to one another.

Applying the wrong technique is one of the significant reasons the system continues to dysfunction. So, for someone that wishes to travel, turning the engine on is Step 1. After that, push the store button to turn the travel mode on.

Please wait for 2 more minutes before you hit the road. All your problems associated with balance will disappear!

Level Sensing Unit Problems

First, let’s start by discussing the level sensing units. The level sensing units are essential to level your RV.

For instance, you will notice the small leveling unit come down if your push the ‘on’ button and then press ‘on-air’ mode.

This function is essential for your RV because all sides of the vehicle are leveled. So, once you fire up the RV, all the parts are leveled and safe to travel! 

If you continue to observe issues with the HWH air leveling system, it might be because your leveling unit is jammed. This is probably why the RV parts neither touch the ground correctly nor go up.

Not to worry, because we’re here to solve all these problems! Continue reading to know the solution. 


There is a good chance that you are facing this issue because of the springs. The springs on the leveling jack must be fixed accurately; they’re probably too tight or have come loose. This is probably why you’re leveling process isn’t as easy as you’d hoped. In this case, the solution is to get new springs. 

To replace the springs, unmount them from the surface. So, it is always essential to keep spare springs with you. This way, even if your leveling unit doesn’t function when you travel, you have the required components for an immediate fix!

On careful observation, you’ll find a sticker on the mounting surface. If you don’t already know, this sticker has its function.

When you put the sticker on a solid surface, it determines whether the surface is leveled correctly. So, please take care of it instead of ripping it off! 

If the surface is heated, the sticker becomes hot too, resulting in the heater not working. So, it is vital to put the unit on a surface that is at room temperature.

And if it already is a problem, just put down the unit and let it rest for 2-3 hours. Then restart it again

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I reset the HWH air leveling system?

Push the ‘off’ button for a minimum of 15 seconds. Then, wait 10 minutes before pushing the ‘on’ button to start it again! 

What are the yellow and red lights on the panel?

The yellow and red light on the panel shows up if a part of your RV is off balance. The leveling system is required to balance the vehicle once again.

Should I press the store button more than once?

No, the store button is only meant to be pressed once. Unlike the air button, the store button only needs one push to be in travel mode.

Question: Do I need to push the store button twice?

Final Words

Now, to the end of the article! We hope you’ve understood why the HWH air leveling system troubleshooting has been acting up. With the right solutions, all these problems are fixable. 

It is crucial to check these aspects of your RV before you drive down on the weekend with your family and friends. After all, safety is the priority!

Please let us know in the comment section if you have more questions. 

Happy road tripping!