How To Adjust An Electric RV Awning [Detailed Guide]

If you want to adjust your electric RV awning, we have you covered. This article will show you the highlights of how to adjust an RV awning easily at home. 

Awnings are responsible for providing shade on hot days. Despite this, it also protects from rain during the rainy season. Awnings extend your living space. In the past, manual RV awning was very popular. However, an electric awning is more in use currently. 

The best part about this shelter is that it is made of a flexible material. You need to set wind them up to adjust according to your needs. The canvas material of RV awnings can extend and unfold quickly. However, you may face a problem with it. 

So, read this article till the end if you want to fix your electric RV awning with some DIY tips. 

Why Is Your Electric RV Awning Not Working?

There may be multiple reasons behind the malfunctioning of your awning. By the end of this section, you will have an answer to how to adjust an electric RV awning. Let’sLet’s take a closer look at some of them. 

1. Problems With Power Supply

Firstly, check the power supply of your electric RV awning. Some of the electrical systems are unable to start an awning. It may happen due to insufficient current supply. As a result, the electric awning is unable to fold and adjust. It may also get stuck in between. 

So, we recommend you check the connections thoroughly before moving on to any conclusion. Check the wires properly as they may have cuts or breaks. 

2. Problems In The Battery

An electric RV awning battery discharges when left unused for over a long time. Therefore, we suggest you check it. Along with this, don’t forget to check the motor. 

To check the motor, you need to remove its casing. Further, look for the damage in the motor to confirm the cause of the malfunctioning electric RV awning. Motor struggles the most when there is no lubrication. 

3. Damage To The Material

If you are confirmed with the proper working of the electric system of electric RV awning, the problem may be with the material. The awning material sometimes gets damaged. There may be cuts that can interfere with the integrity of this shelter. 

You may notice mold in it. But this can be washed away. Try to fix your RV awning if it has mold.

Ways To Adjust Electric RV Awning

Electric RV awning can be fixed according to the causes of its malfunctioning. Either fix the fabric or electrical system for its proper functioning. Here we have listed various methods to help you get your standard RV awning back. So, let’s know how to adjust an electric RV awning.

1. Adjusting RV Awning Arms 

Adjust an electric RV awning by fixing its arms. The canvas or vinyl fabric of this shelter provider must be appropriately aligned. That’sThat’s because high-intensity rain or wind can damage it. Therefore, the upper arms rails become misaligned. 

You won’t be able to line up its arms in the correct direction during the closure of the awning. So, start extending it. Find the screws present at the end of the track. These screws might hinder the sliding of your awning. 

Then, move the left screw if you want to shift your arm towards the left side. Next, pull the track towards your left-hand side. Follow the same steps if you’re going to move it to the right-hand side. 

After adjusting the arms, set the screws again to their normal position. Finally, you have adjusted your Rv awning. If it didn’t work, head on to the next trick. 

2. Adjusting Loose RV Awning Lead Rails

If the lead rails are not retracting the awning box, you should fix them. The tools you will need to adjust rails are a 7/16 inch wrench/socket and a rubber mallet. 

Close the center of the rail tightly to ensure better adjustment. Next, reset the motor to fix the rail. For this, you will need a wrench and rubber mallet. With the help of these tools, close the ends of the rails. 

Open the awning and switch off the power supply if the lead rails lose. Check whether the shelter is adjusted correctly or not. Also, both sides of the lead rail should be checked to prevent unwanted damage and accidents.

3. Adjusting RV Awning Pitch

When the fabric roller tube is higher in position than the awning rail, the pitch will be unable to perform its job. Pitch plays a crucial role in accommodating water.  

Afterward, loosen the knob of the pitching arm and extend the electric awning fully. You will also need to adjust the arm and knob to set the pitch. 

Finally, you have adjusted the electric RV awning with the above solutions. If you want to avoid this problem in the future, try to prevent damage to its fabric and electrical system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tie down your RV awning?

The design of the awning is made in a way that it flips automatically in the wind. Therefore, forcefully tying it down can hinder its working. It can also damage the arms and motor.

How do I protect my RV awning from wind?

Wind may tear down your awning. Therefore, use clamps to prevent this condition. If the fabric is already damaged, replace the awning.

Can you put an electric awning on a camper? 

Yes, you can use an electric awning on a campsite as it is more convenient than other types of shelter. You can extend and relax it with just a tiny button. 

Key Takeaways

Indeed, we have given you the right insights into how to adjust an electric RV awning. Now you will be able to handle it in just a few steps. It’s a less expensive way to change the awning. Although if it doesn’t work, take professional help. You might need to purchase a new one if there’s a lot of damage.