How Often Should Air Dryer Purge? [Explained]

Imagine heading out in your RV on a bright Sunday. You’re cruising down the road, and you think there is nothing that could possibly go wrong on that beautiful day.

However, you suddenly notice that your air dryer is purging continuously! Issues like these can be disappointing but don’t you worry; we are here with a fix.

The following guide is everything you need to know about air dryer purging. So, sit back and relax while we tell you what to do with your purging air dryer!

Let’s get right into it.

Air Dryers: Know Your Basics!

Before we dive into the aspects of air dryer purging, it is always helpful to know how exactly air dryers function.

Air contains moisture and can also be humid. Especially for those of you living in dryer parts of the world, this kind of air can get sticky and irritating. When this air enters the compressor and undergoes compression, it becomes hotter.

Once the heated air is carried to the trunk’s air tank via the discharge line, it cools down gradually. This, as most of us know, results in a phenomenon called condensation.

When the hot air cools down, the water droplets form to reach the vehicle’s pipes, air tanks, and hoses.

More often than not, various compressor oils or infiltrates from the filter accompanying the air may finally collect as the condensed water pools.

It is essential to clean out the condensed water and debris regularly. Neglecting this may result in damages to the vehicle, such as corrosion. To avoid such circumstances, cleaning the debris out periodically is a reliable option! 

So, what does an air dryer do?

The air dryer plays a role in reducing the humidity levels and quantity of debris from the air. It helps decrease the water and debris collected in the air tanks and other parts.

We now know what an air dryer does.

What does a purging air dryer mean?

Purging is the process of an air dryer spitting the debris out of the system. Routine purging is excellent and healthy for your vehicle. Typically, purging is not a manual activity. It is independent of control and works on a default pressure.

However, the issue that brought you here is that your air dryer is purging more than usual. While purging is necessary for a vehicle, it doesn’t need to take place too often.

The default pressure is based on the pressure the air compressor reaches, at which humidity and debris are expelled from the system.

When the air dryer purges irrespective of this pressure, it calls for some fixing. 

Continue reading this post to discover why your air dryer might be acting up! 

Air Dryer Purging: Finding a Fix!

Now, to the main part of the article! For those of you who’ve found yourself dealing with air dryer purging problems, we’ve got you. Continue reading as we’ve enlisted the most common reasons that could result in air dryer purging.

Leakage of Air

It is not normal for an air dryer to purge too frequently. The most common cause of an abnormally purging air dryer is leaking air.

As we discussed earlier, an air dryer only purges when the air compressor reaches a certain pressure.

However, leaks in the air compressor or pipes may lead to frequent purging. If this problem persists for a considerable time, it may lead to long-term damage to your vehicle.

One way to check if there’s a leak in pipes is by using soap water. Pouring soap water on the pipes will help you detect the damaged ones.

You’ll notice bubbles forming at any minor or major leak, which will help you determine what to fix.

Sometimes, your air pipes look okay externally but may have suffered internal damage.

Your first instinct might be to fix or replace the entire air dryer system. However, sometimes, it is only the pipes that need fixing.

The leak doesn’t allow pressure to build up inside the air compressor. Thus, the air dryer also doesn’t purge.

If you don’t fix this leak asap, it could lead to a buildup of water and debris in the air tank.

Also, if you find your air dryer purging way too frequently, you may want to change the small lines that carry air from the governor to the air dryer.

Replacing Components

If the problem does not lie in your pipes, the issue could be with one of the other components. It could be associated with an air cartridge dysfunction. It is essential to replace the dryer components to ensure optimal performance regularly.

So, please remember to give your vehicle for servicing once in a while. The dryer cartridge must be replaced at least annually.

If you still haven’t replaced your dryer cartridge this year, it’s probably time you do! 

Final Words

We’ve reached the end of the post! We hope our post helped you understand more about abnormal air dryer purging.

It can be annoying to hear your air dryer purging every few seconds. As you’ve seen, the fix for a frequently purging air dryer is not too complex.

Please ensure that you’ve looked for damaged pipes. The soap-water technique is a real winner!

It is crucial to change your air dryer components periodically. Neglecting the replacement of parts such as the dryer cartridge can affect the overall performance of your vehicle and cause long-term issues.