Fantastic Fan Troubleshooting During Short Circuit [Fixed]

If you find out that your fantastic fan is not working properly, don’t panic. There is a great chance of fantastic fan troubleshooting.

When the fantastic fan doesn’t work, you might be unable to cook inside the RV. In that case, the smoke will fill the entire van. That is something you do not want to happen. 

If you are probably wondering what steps you can follow for fantastic fan troubleshooting, this article will help you. 

Before we get into it, let’s first look at the causes of the malfunctioning of a fantastic fan. 

Let’s analyze your fantastic fan a little bit in this article. 

Why is your Fantastic fan not working?

A fantastic fan has numerous features that need more maintenance. However, it doesn’t work well when certain parts of this fan get affected. There may be several reasons behind the problem concerning the fantastic fan.

Let’s get to know them one by one.

Dust stuck between the motors is the most common cause of malfunctioning fantastic fans. When the fan’s wiring gets affected, it might create annoying situations. As no guarding system is used in the fan, dust and debris constantly invade the wires and motor. 

The best part about a fantastic fan is that it is a repairable device. It’s easy to fix it. You just need to remove screws and polish the fan until you clean all its parts. But what if it’s not working even after this trick. 

The second culprit would be a short circuit. Now you shall follow a few steps to solve this problem. Let us help you walk through these amazing tricks. 

Tools you’ll need to fix a Fantastic Fan

Here are the tools you will require to repair a short circuit in your Fantastic fan. These tools will also allow fantastic fan troubleshooting most conveniently. 

Let’s gather all the equipment you’ll need to start the process of repairing. 


  • Electric tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wirecutter
  • Voltmeter

Steps to follow for Fantastic fan troubleshooting

You can now start working after collecting all the essential items. Make sure your hands are not wet. That’s because you will be taking wires in your hands. As a result, it may catch the current. So, you can begin the process after drying your hands and feet.

Step 1- Remove the screws using a screwdriver

The first thing that you need to do is remove the screws holding the Fantastic fan. You may notice a total of 8 screws attached to the fan’s shield. Remove these screws with a screwdriver. 

Remember that the screw holding the motor unit also needs to be taken into consideration. Don’t forget to check the wiring as well. All the cables surrounding a fantastic fan should be properly connected. 

If not, the interruption in the functioning is probably due to wiring. 

Step 2- Take out the knob

The knob looks like a black tap handle. Notice the knob and try opening it. But how?

The knob is one of the biggest things popping out of the fantastic fan. Hold it in your hand and turn to the right. Simply loosen it up and turn it till it opens up.

The knob should come right into your hand. The most important thing to do here is clean the fan. After you open the knob, remove the dust from the fan.

Make use of an exhaust fan to pull out the dirt. The fan blade can also be cleaned with the help of a soft and damp cloth. In this way, your fan may start just after the cleaning process. 

Step 3- Remove the lock

After loosening up the knob, removing the lock is necessary. Take the help of a screwdriver for this. As the screws are small, you’ll need a small screwdriver.

Now, you can head on to the next step after successfully removing the lock. 

Step 4 – Check the wires for short circuit

The most crucial Steptoe follow while repairing a fantastic fan is checking wires that experienced short circuits. A voltmeter can do this job easily. Attach the wire with a voltmeter and check its reading. 

If it shows the correct reading, there is no short circuit that occurred in your fan. However, if you notice inaccurate readings, the ultimate cause is a short circuit. Analyze the breaks or cuts in the wires. 

Also, confirm whether the cables are fixed at their place or not. That’s because they sometimes pop out and obstruct the flow of the current. 

A voltmeter is the best device to help in assessing the problem. Now, check further steps if there is a short circuit.

Step 5 – Fix the wires

Finally, you are aware of the problem. Let’s fix the wires. 

Simply tuck the cables or wires back into their places. This, in turn, would clear the pathway for the natural flow of the current. If you see breaks or cuts, fix them with the help of electric tape. 

Attach a tape to the break to ensure the wire is fixed. You may find burns in the middle of the wire’s length. Use a patch to repair the burn spot if that’s the case. 

Also, notice the working of the motor. There is a higher chance that the motor is faulty. The worst part of this problem is that you’ll have to replace it with a new motor. 

Step 6 – Put everything back in place

After testing the Fantastic fan, put everything back in place. Attach all the screws and turn on the fan. You can increase the speed to test whether it works well or not. 

Bottom Line

The above solutions will surely help you in fixing the Fantastic fan. These steps for fantastic fan troubleshooting are not complicated and can be followed at home. But if there is a complex situation, contact a professional. 

You can also leave a comment below if you have any problems regarding the fantastic fan. We are here to guide you till you get the best solutions.