Dometic RV Refrigerator Thermistor Adjustment [When & How to Do it]

When you’re going on a family vacation, you may prefer to take food with you. But nobody likes to eat cold food. Hence you can carry a Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor. It is crucial to understand Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor adjustment.

In this post, you’ll get to know everything about Dometic RV refrigerator thermistors. You’ll learn what it does and when to adjust it.

In addition, you’ll also come to know about the temperature controls and optimal temperature for a Dometic RV fridge. So, keep on reading.

All About Dometic RV Refrigerator Thermistor

Before jumping into other complex things, firstly, you should know what a thermistor does and when to adjust a thermistor. 

What Does a Dometic RV Refrigerator Thermistor Do?

You might be thinking about what a thermistor does. What kind of benefits you may get from a Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor. Then not to worry! We shall discuss it here.

A thermistor of a Dometic RV refrigerator is a clip-on device attached to one of the cooling fins of the fridge. The primary purpose of this device is to convey the temperature inside the control board of the fridge box.

This way, the fridge’s interior temperature can be regulated and controlled. Knowing where the thermistor is in your Dometic RV refrigerator will make your life much simpler. In the user’s manual, you can see the position of the thermistor. As a result, it’s a good idea to become familiar with it.

If you know where the thermistor is beforehand, it will help you in case of any adjustments. When your fridge malfunctions, you can make Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor adjustment without wasting time on finding the thermistor. 

When To Make Dometic Rv Refrigerator Thermistor Adjustment?

From the previous section, you have come to know about the thermistor. You also know where it is located so that you can find it out in case of any issue. But how will you know that there is a problem? What are the indications that you should watch out for?

If your refrigerator is not cooling correctly, that becomes the first sign of a defective thermistor. You can find it out by observing water dripping out of your freezer. If the ice inside your fridge is melting, this is a tentative sign that the refrigerator is not cool enough.

The opposite could also happen. Your fridge may be cooling way too much. How to know that? You’ll notice ice forming in the fridge when there is too much cooling.

If you have such an issue, you should raise the temperature. This will limit the creation of ice.

You do not have to call in a professional to do this. You can easily make Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor adjustment. To do this, all you need is some time and patience.

How To Make Dometic Rv Refrigerator Thermistor Adjustment?

Now you know why a thermistor is essential. You also know when you need to adjust. So take an in-depth look at the Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor adjustment process.

Temperature Settings of a Dometic RV Refrigerator

Unlike a regular fridge, there aren’t a lot of temperature settings in a Dometic fridge. In most cases, the number of settings goes from 1 to 5.

But there’s a catch. Regarding thermistor settings, always remember that a higher number means a colder temperature. Fixing your AC temperature works the opposite of this. So 5 will be the coldest setting, whereas 1 will be the warmest for RV refrigerators.

The best temperature setting can vary depending on the weather conditions. The majority of people believe that setting 4 is the best for them.

A smart idea is to keep your refrigerator stocked with food. If you store more food in the refrigerator, it will have a more stable temperature.

Now you can bring those yummy candies along with you on the trip!

The Ideal Temperature For A Dometic Rv Refrigerator

Now you may wonder what the perfect temperature should be for your RV refrigerator.

You do not need to be concerned about this! The ideal temperature range for your Dometic RV refrigerator is 40 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. So if your fridge isn’t cold enough, try Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor adjustment.

If the refrigerator still doesn’t work, there is something wrong with your fridge. In that case, you need to call in a technician for this.

Even while this temperature is optimum, it may not always be possible to achieve this with your refrigerator. For example, suppose you live in a scorching country. Then your Dometic fridge will have a more challenging time cooling. But that does not mean that you have to take it for servicing.

You can still keep within an appropriate temperature range. Moreover, your fridge will take time to adjust once you set the temperature correctly.

The Upper Limit

Don’t be concerned about temperatures below or over 40 to 42 degrees. Remember that your fridge should never become warmer than 50 degrees.

If you notice the fridge is warmer than 50 degrees, realize there is a significant problem. You must address the problem as soon as possible. Food that is stored at this warm temperature may deteriorate. Even if you are unaware, this food is harmful to consume.

If your fridge becomes this warm, make sure you store your food elsewhere and check the food.

The Lower Limit

Your refrigerator’s lowest allowed temperature is 35 degrees. If your fridge begins to fall below this temperature, your food may start to freeze.

A quick temperature change might also cause your food to spoil. Thus the food can become dangerous to your health.


We hope we have you some helpful information regarding Dometic RV refrigerator thermistor adjustment. This information will help you enjoy fresh food on your next trip. 

In case your refrigerator thermistor gets some problem, follow the rules we mentioned. You can easily adjust on your own. In case you can not, take help from a thermistor service company.

For any queries, leave your thoughts in the space below.