Dish Tailgater Problems [And Solutions]

Watching your favorite show while traveling is one of the most amazing experiences. And this is the reason to have a dish tailgater installed. 

But what if you find interruptions and fail to get that perfect clarity? Well, that is undoubtedly going to be quite irritating. Multiple issues can impact the dish tailgater.

So How To Solve Dish Tailgater Problems?

For that, you need to understand the issue first. The solution for every problem is different. Also, if the issue persists for a long duration, you might be required to change some of the parts of the dish tailgater. 

In most cases, checking the internal connection and cables is the first step. Next, you can check the setup or direction as it might hinder the signals. But sometimes, you will need to move a step ahead and look for a more specific solution. 

So, let us dive deep to know more about common dish tailgater problems and their solutions. 

Dish Tailgater Problems- 4 Best Solutions

Whether you are facing a connection issue or a blurred display, we have a solution for you. So, scroll down to get the easiest solution to dish tailgater problems

1. Connection Issue

Getting your dish tailgater installed to watch your favorite show is amazing. But what if you face an unstable connection or even no connection? Such errors and connection fluctuations have a very daunting effect. 

Losing connection due to bad weather is quite common, but that is surely not always the case. Failure to get a stable connection can be due to loose screws or metal locks. Another common reason to face this issue is using the dish with less than 110 volts of power.

Facing this issue can be very disappointing, especially when you are in between your favorite show. Irrespective of the reason for this issue, we have got the perfect solution for you.


The core reason is the loose connection. First, you will be required to check the screws and metal locks. Use the tightener to tighten up and check. Sometimes, you might need a part replacement as well.

Once done with tightening, restart the device. If you still face the faulty connection, then see if your dish tailgater is connected to a 110-volt power supply or not. 

If not, then go for shifting the power supply immediately. Check for the connection now. You can also use the inverter for the power supply.

Here are a few inverters you can try:

Inverter 1BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC
Inverter 2kinverch 5000W Power Inverter

2. Power Issues

Power can also create issues with the connection. Low power or power fluctuations will make it difficult to start the device. Also, it can sometimes damage your dish tailgater. 

Facing this kind of dish tailgater problem can indicate buying the faulty device. This can end up in blaming the manufacturer, which might not be right. So before you feel so, let us check if there can be another reason. 

Setting up the dish tailgater is based on a series of instructions. Improper setting up of the dish tailgater will make it difficult to get proper support. If you missed any instruction, you are bound to face such an issue. 

Also, you might face the tailgater in the wrong direction, causing the issue. Either way, the solution to this problem is relatively easy. So, let us explore here. 


When you are planning to set up the dish tailgater, always ensure to fix it on a smooth and leveled surface. Mounting on an uneven surface can create a power issue. 

Secondly, you have bought the dish tailgater to use in the long run. So, it is essential to install it where it’s not required to be moved frequently. Setting it at such a location will avoid interference with the power supply. 

Lastly, do not forget about the direction of the tailgater. Remember, you do not have the freedom to select the direction you wish. The fundamental requirement is to place the dish tailgater’s face towards the southern sky. 

Missing any one such point will cause the dish tailgater problems. So, it’s the right time to check that everything is in place. 

To get the right direction, you can use the compasses given below:

Compass 1Orienteering Compass
Compass 2COSTIN Multifunctional Compass.

Once you are done, it’s time to check the power and enjoy your favorite show.

3. Blurred Display

It’s amazing to finally get that one perfect dish tailgater for unlimited fun. But what if you end up getting a blurred display? That was not on your list. 

Glitches, blurred images, and cracking sounds can destroy all the fun of watching your favorite show but can also give you a headache. And this issue can happen with any display device you use with the dish tailgater. 

Though this is a problem that almost everyone faces, the reason is known to quite a few. Well, the leading cause of the problem is the loosely connected main hose between the dish tailgater and the display device. 

This is indeed quite a fundamental problem with a straightforward solution.


Once you know the root cause of the problem, you can get it fixed in no time waste. Since you know the primary hose connection is lost, you just need to tighten it up, and the work is done. All you need to repair it is a hose clamp. 

Just move the clamp clockwise, and it will fix the hose! Finally, you can watch your favorite television show in peace.

4. Signal Issue

You will have a signal issue if something is blocking your dish tailgater. Additionally, bad weather makes it hard for the tailgater to catch the signal. Sometimes, branches or buildings can be the cause of the problem.


The best solution to resolve the issue is to move your dish tailgater to a better location. If the problem is due to weather, disconnect the power cord and wait for a few seconds. Now, try reconnecting to get back your entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is there a standard process to set channels on the tailgater?

There is no standard process for setting up the channels in the tailgater. You need to follow the manual institutions to set the channel with the help of the channel codes mentioned. Go to settings and input the codes. Now press Ok and get ready to enjoy your shows.

Can resetting the whole dish tailgater put it back to work?

Yes. If you are still facing the dish tailgater problems. You can try resetting the whole and check if it operates now. 

Bottom Line

By now, you must know the typical dish tailgater problems and their respective solutions. Well, it’s time to test the solutions and check the performance. 

So, if you are facing any of the above, try the solutions and share your review with us in the comments. Do let us know if you face any difficulties by commenting. 

Good luck, and thank you.